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The Mission

The mission of the Department is in tandem with that of the University as a whole. To create a teaching and learning community for imparting appropriate skills and knowledge, behaviour and attitude; advance frontiers of knowledge that are relevant to national and global development..

The Vision

The vision is to be a top rated Department of Geosciences in Africa, ranked among the best in the world whose graduates occupy leadership positions in the public and private sectors of the Nigerian and global economy.

Specific Objectives

  1. To produce graduates of international standard with appropriate knowledge and skills in geosciences, who will be highly employable and able to employ themselves.
  2. To provide high quality research and development activities that will promote the development of the Nation and enhance the image of the University.
  3. To build strong partnerships and linkages within and outside Nigeria for research and development.
  4. To provide services that have relevance to and impact on the local community and the Nation.
  5. To operate as an equal opportunity Department, sensitive to the principle of gender equity and non-discriminatory on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion or physical disability.

The first and only existing staff for the initial 18 months of the Department’s existence was Dr. (later Professor) Abíódún Adébòwálé Káyòdé who admitted the first set of students in September 1965. Due largely to Nigeria’s civil war, which affected some of these pioneer students, only two (Professors Adéyínká Adékòyà and Babájídé Salami) graduated with a B. Sc. (Honours) degree in June 1968.

Prominent among the former staff are Professors A. A. Káyòdé (the Father of the Department), A. S. Rogers (an American), O. S. Adégòkè (a recipient of the Nigerian National Merit and many other top awards), P. G. Cooray (a Sri Lankan of Blessed memory), I de Klasz (Hungarian, who arranged the linkage with the French Ministry of Education), Artsybatshev and  (prominent Russian Geophysicists), E. A. Fáyôsé (the Doyen of Nigerian Micropaleontologists), C. A. Kògbé, B. P. Dash and A. Roy (famous Indian Geophysicists),  O. Ògúnsanwó (an eminent Engineering Geologist), A. O. Àìná, Drs. S. Málômó (the former dynamic Director-General of the Geological Survey of Nigerian Agency), E. I. Enu  (former staff with SNEPCO), S. A. Adédìran (former Oyo State SPEB Chairman and currently a UNESCO consultant on Education, etc.

In the late 1970s to early 1980s, the permanent academic staff strength peaked at a remarkable level of 29. Although the Department is presently grossly understaffed, it remains the best academically staffed Department of Geology in the country.