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The Department has a track record of high quality research. A substantial part of the research data by the current and past academic members of staff have been published in highly reputable international journals as well as local journals of international repute. These staff have endeavoured to distinguish themselves as high-calibre researchers in their various disciplines.

The University through the Department undertakes Earthquake and Space weather studies in collaboration with the Centre for Geodesy and Geodynamics, National Space Research and Development Agency under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.

The Department has a number of facilities for teaching and research purposes:


  • State of the art workstations, for integrated oil field interpretation donated by Shell Nigeria, Mobil Nigeria and Chevron Nigeria.


  1. IHS Kingdom made available to the Department by Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) Limited, Lagos
  2. Opendtect of the dGB company based in the Netherlands in collaboration with SPDC, Nigeria.
  3. Oasis Montaj of Geosoft Corporation – made available to the Department by Shell Production and Development Company
  4. RocDok software donated by Ikon Science in UK

Geology Museum:

The Geology Museum contains a vast collection of rocks, minerals and other geological specimens.

Laboratory Equipment:
Various laboratory items of equipment are available in the Department. They include:

  • Microscopes: Petrographic microscopes, reflecting microscopes and palynological microscopes.
  • Rock cutting and pulverizing machines
  • X-tray Diffractometer
  • X-ray Fluorescence Machines
  • Fume Chambers, and,

Geophysical Equipment

  • Seismograph for Refraction Seismics
  • ABEM SAS 300 Resistivity Meter
  • Proton Precession Magnetometer
  • Geonic VLF measuring equipment
  • Gravity Meter
  • GPR meter


To facilitate our fieldwork programmes, the Department has a 14 Seater Bus donated by Exxon/NNPC and Total