Emerson Exploration & Production donates software to OAUIFE Geology

Emerson Exploration & Production Subsurface Software Solutions https://www.pdgm.com/ donates software for research and teaching purposes to the Department of Geology at no cost. The software has been installed on computers in the workstation rooms of the Department. The provided licenses include the following:

ED-11917 UE-4a (GOCAD™ Interpretation Modeling)
ED-11918 UE-4b (SKUA™ Interpretation Modeling)
RCP-16612 UE-14 (GeologGold)
ROX-16912 UE-21 (Roxar™ RMS)
ROX-16913 UE-22 (Roxar Tempest™)

Undergraduate and postgraduate students are to judiciously make use of this important donations. The Department is highly grateful to the Emerson for this support.

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